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  • So... How does it work?
    • Decide which Style would fit your taste ( original illustration or classic art ). • Fill in the contact form, to wich I'll happily reply as soon as I can. • You send me a good number of pictures of the pets/people (please make sure the pictures are done decent enough to see the subjects) • Write me a little bit about them, maybe a funny story or something they love doing. • Decide if you are happy with adigital copy via email or want a fine art print delivered to you and what size. • Based on your pics + description, I sketch the characters and the background concept and email them to you to revise. Once you approve the concept, I paint/draw the image and deliver it to you. • Once i'm done I deliver the picture to you, digital or print, ( Framed if you live in Glasgow, UK)
  • Do you also illustrate people?
    Sure! I believe that my work is purposeless if it doesn't move someone's soul so... If it will bring value to you, I could illustrate/draw/paint Almost anything** if that's what you or the person you're gifting wants to hang on their wall. **as long as it's decent 😅
  • Can you paint an illustration of my pets/friends/etc from separate pictures?
    Yes. As long as you send plenty of good quality pictures of each of them, from different angles! If the subjects are pets, It helps to see pics of both full-body as well as close-ups of their face.
  • How long will it take?
    Because I am simply a person, doing my best to deliver the finest experience to you. Usually, it will depend on the number of characters in one picture, the number of pictures you order and how big the queue is. When you are first in line it can take 1-2 days for the sketch and 2-3 days for painting + 2-5 working days for delivery if that's the case.
  • Can you paint both people and pets together?
    Of course! Provide me with pictures of both of them, together and separated. The prices will stay the same per number of characters within the chosen style.
  • How do I get the art delivered?
    Once the illustration is done you’ll always receive a digital copy of it via eMail. At your choice for an extra fee, you will also receive a print of the commission via mail. The price for that will vary depending on the size of the print, style picked and the destination.
  • Do you provide framing services?
    Only for customers from the UK. If you live in Glasgow, framed art can be personally passed to you by me or an assistent. The price of the framing service will vary depending on the size of the print you'll choose.
  • How does the payment work?
    There will be a 50% nonrefundable deposit that will cover the time spent on sketches, coming up with concepts, ideas and the character design if you opt for the cute style. Once the illustration is completed you will receive a low-resolution version of the final artwork so you can see it and approve it. Once you approve it, the second 50% payment will be transferred before you receive the final artwork.
  • Do you do Fan Art?
    Yes. If you are a big fan of a band, film or show character I can create an illustration of them. The pricing will be the same based on the number of characters.
  • Can you send the art on my behalf to someone?
    Yes, I'm all about making you happy and your life easier when you choose my services. I can even write a letter with your pasted text and include it in the delivery.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    What I offer instead of discounts is a unique experience for you and your beloved ones, of original artwork crafted at premium quality, that will stay alive for generations after you and me.
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